Vibrant Hearts, Vibrant Homes: A Christian Family Revival

Vibrant Home Life Summit Spring 2024

We will engage in sessions that revive the hearts of each family member, igniting a collective passion for a vibrant life anchored in God's love and grace.

5 Day Event Includes:

  • Day 1 – April 29: Nurturing Family Bonds in God's Presence
  • Day 2 – April 30: Living a Missional Life: Impacting the World as a Christian Family
  • Day 3 – May 1: Navigating the Cultural Agenda
  • Day 4 – May 2: Evangelizing the Culture
  • Day 5 – May 3: Maturing Into Christian Adulthood

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Your Hosts


Jon & Lisa Garrison



Christian Horstmann


Why Join Us?

Nurturing Family Bonds in God's Presence:

  • Deepen Connection: Join to discover practical strategies for fostering stronger family bonds, creating a nurturing environment centered around God's presence.
  • Transformative Practices: Learn and implement transformative practices that infuse daily life with spiritual moments, creating lasting memories and connections within your family.

Living a Missional Life: Impacting the World as a Christian Family:

  • Discover Purpose: Explore the significance of living with purpose as a family, discovering practical ways to impact your community and the world through missional living.
  • Inspiration for Action: Gain inspiration and actionable insights on incorporating acts of kindness, serving others, and making a positive difference in the world as a Christian family unit.

Navigating the Cultural Agenda:

  • Faith-Centric Approach: Understand how to navigate the cultural agenda with a faith-centric perspective, ensuring that your family remains anchored in Christian values amidst cultural influences.
  • Open Dialogue: Engage in open dialogues about cultural influences, equipping your family with the tools to discern and embrace the positive while maintaining a strong Christian identity.

Evangelizing the Culture:

  • Bold Faith in Action: Learn how to embody and share your faith boldly within your cultural context, empowering your family to be living examples of Christ's love in the world.
  • Creative Outreach: Explore creative and impactful ways to evangelize culture, bringing the transformative message of Christianity to your community in ways that resonate.

Maturing Into Christian Adulthood:

  • Guidance for Transitions: Receive guidance on navigating life transitions, helping young adults mature into Christian adulthood with a strong foundation of faith.
  • Mentoring Relationships: Explore the importance of mentoring relationships within the family, providing support and guidance for young adults as they navigate their Christian journey.

By joining the Vibrant Home Life Summit, you'll have the opportunity to gain practical insights, spiritual guidance, and inspiration that will positively impact every aspect of your family life, from nurturing bonds to impacting the world with Christian values.